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Premier fly-in Canadian Fishing on Lawrence Lake Near Nestor Falls, Ontario (Northwest Ontario)

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Located in Spectacular Northwest Ontario, Canada, Sunset Country, near Nestor Falls. Fantastic Ontario Fly-in Fishing Trip Fly in lodge on Lawrence Lake, a beautiful, 25 minute flight from Nestor Falls, Ontario.

A beautiful sunset as seen from Tang!
Another beautiful Tang walleye!

Covid-19 Update:

July 14, 2020

“OTTAWA — Canadian and U.S. officials have agreed to keep the border between the two countries closed to non-essential travel until August 21, CTV News has confirmed.”
Not what we wanted to hear, but with the Covid mess in US, not surprising.
I’m still holding out hope for Tang visits in September. By late September, Tang needs to be buttoned down for winter, especially water system, so the 2020 window of opportunity for Tang trips is dwindling.
Stay healthy. Hope to see you all “soon”. Cheers!
June 16, 2020
The border rumors are now official:
“TORONTO — An agreement has once again been reached between Canada and the United States to keep the border closed to all non-essential or “discretionary” travel for another month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced.
The extension on the existing agreement means that the border restrictions will stay in place until July 21, even as both countries continue to reopen their economies.”
This is very disappointing news, but maybe understandable. No one knows enough about this virus yet.
Tang is still hoping to be able to open for US Guests in August and first 1/2 September, but no way to plan anything.
Take care, stay healthy.

June 4, 2020

Well, it’s a start. I just received this update from our Ontario Tourism Association:

“Starting Friday, June 5 at 12:01 am, our government is allowing short term rentals including lodges, cabins, cottages, homes, condominiums and B&Bs to resume operations in Ontario.”

The US/Canadian border is still closed until June 21, with another extension possible. However, the above announcement today came as a total surprise, so maybe some more surprises and good news will continue to be announced sooner than later. Until border is reopened, Tang is unable to open with US Guests. Pete and I are also unable to even check on camp….until border reopens.
Let’s keep the positive vibes going, and maybe we’ll be able to see at least some of you at Tang yet this summer.
Stay healthy. Cheers!

May 20, 2020

Hello Tang Friends,
It is with great disappointment that I need to inform you that the US/Canada Border closure was extended for another 30 days through June 21. Tang is not allowed to open at this point in time, regardless of border closure, due to Ontario COVID lockdown.

Even if border is opened on June 22, you can imagine the situation at the border for a week or two until things settle down. We have no choice but to cancel all Tang 2020 trips scheduled through July 4. If there is a change, I will certainly contact you, but I’m doubtful at this point.

I am hopeful the border is reopened and we are allowed to open for Guests later in the summer. If this happens, I will contact you and maybe you will consider an August or September Tang trip. There just is no way to plan anything at this point. Tang will be prepared to offer a safe and healthy trip for you, whenever that might be. Sanitizers and disinfectant’s have already been delivered to Tang.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Stay healthy and hope to see you soon at Tang once again. Missing all of you. Thank you!

May 1, 2020
Hello Tang Friends. May 1 and no definitive answers yet other than border closed until May 20. I listen to Premier Ford of Ontario most days on his Covid updates. ( Google: “Premier Ford Ontario Updates” to stay informed) Today, for the first time since this started, there was a glimmer of hope for Ontario beginning to “open”. Beginning May 4, many outside businesses can begin to open such as landscape and garden centers. Marina’s and golf courses can start “preparing” to open. Sounds similar to my state of Minnesota opening plans.
Guests with Tang trips in May are almost for certain going to be cancelled. June trips are still a slight possibility, but only time will tell. Even if allowed to open, I’m sure there will be strict guidelines we must and will follow.
We are leaving the option of sliding our 2020 season into August & September this summer, but again, only time will tell.
We appreciate your patience & understanding. If you simply want to cancel your 2020 trip and rebook for 2021, we completely understand. Better yet, if you can “hang in there”, we’ll work with you to get a 2020 trip in somehow…if allowed.
I’ll keep you updated as I learn more. I do believe updates will turn more and more positive now on a daily basis. No matter what Ontario does, we will need the US/Canada border to reopen.
Per pictures below, Northwest Flying will be ready for you, as will Tang.
Stay healthy. Hope to see you soon. Cheers!
April 17, 2020:
“Canada-U.S. agree to extend border restrictions by 30 days”.
Not the headline I’ve been waiting for. Yes, Canada & US extended the border closure until May 20.
Now what? Well, good question. As we all too well know by now, the virus updates change drastically every day, in both negative and positive ways.
Please hang tight as this all plays out. A trip to Tang in May is not looking good, but, let’s give it until May 1 for final decisions.
If the virus settles down & stay at home orders are relaxed, we’ll all be fishing again in coming month or two or….
If we opened Tang in August & September for cancelled trips, could that be an option for your group? Think about it as you’re staring at the ceiling.
Stay healthy and really hoping to see you all very soon. Cheers!
March 19, 2020:
Pete & I want to thank everyone for your understanding and patience as we all navigate our life’s through this unprecedented pandemic. I am in daily contact with the NW Ontario Tourism Association as they work with the Canadian government monitoring this terrible situation that is impacting all our lives. Dean and Tammy are just as anxious to get back to Tang as we all are. If we are allowed to open, Tang will be prepared to assure all our valued guests return home happy & healthy. We might not know the status of being able to open until shortly before May 15, hopefully sooner. I’ll keep you updated through our Tang Facebook page as well as our Tang website. Please pass the word to all in your group where they can stay updated.
We all know the best, and currently, only way to end this virus…Social Distance and “flattening the curve”. Please follow all the rules from the experts and hopefully we will have one of the most memorable seasons ever at Tang 2020. Thank you and stay healthy. And be sure to check on and take care of your vulnerable family, friends and neighbors.
We’re all in this together.

Quick Facts

Plenty of walleye, northern, lake trout, large and smallmouth bass (no muskie). Trophy walleye, up to 31", northern to 40" +/-, Lake Trout up to 38" and large and smallmouth bass up to 23". Our lakes have very little pressure and trophy fish are lurking, waiting to be teased on to your jig or lure.

Tang of the North Lodge is accessed by float plane only. Our guests fly into Tang from Nestor Falls, which is a 1. 25 hour drive northwest of the International Falls, MN/Fort Frances, ON border crossing.  Tang is the only resort on all 13 lakes we fish and there are only 5 other private cabins on all these lakes that get very little use.  No fishing pressure.

Your 20-25 minute flight from the airbase in Nestor Falls is absolutely beautiful. Flying over hundreds of lakes, you better have your camera ready for some fantastic scenery shots.

Tang is located on Lawrence Lake, which is connected to many other lakes, all holding trophy fish. The Canadian fly in is nestled in a sandy, protected bay, surrounded by a forest of beautiful, towering pines.

We have 8 cabins that sleep from 2 to 6 guests each. The cabins are for sleeping and relaxing. There are no bathrooms or kitchens in the cabins. All cabins are fully insulated with beuatiful pine tongue and groove interiors. A “full camp” is 24 guests. We supply clean linens, blankets, towels and pillows as part of your package at this remote Ontario fly in lodge.

Our beautiful, new lodge kitchen was built for our 2016 season and 15th Anniversary of owning Tang. Enjoy!

A hot, home-cooked breakfast is provided each morning in our 1940’s fishing lodge. Shore lunch kit with all the “fixings” also included with all fly in packages.

Dinner is guests responsibility and can be cooked on gas barbecues, fish fryers and smoker provided or in lodge kitchen.

Tang has 3 outhouses and  (1) clean, private central shower with all the hot water you need to freshen up.

You can fish 8 connected lakes and we also have 5 “cache lakes” (portage lakes) with a boat stored in the woods for your use. A short hike to these lakes with your gear and you will fish where very few people have ever fished in many, many years.

Power generated by diesel generator, propane heaters in cabins and solar lights with battery operated lantern, just in case.  Our water is from the lake and is filtered and chlorinated for drinking with our new filtration system.

Each group will be assigned a full size refrigerator in our lodge to store perishables. Freezers in fish house, boat house and lodge are also provided for freezing and storing fish you might want to take home.

Fishing is Fantastic!

Your Canadian fly in fishing trip takes place on 1000’s of acres lakes with excellent walleye, largemouth bass, northern, and lake trout fishing, some smallmouth also. You can fish right in front of our Canadian vacation lodge or venture out hours and hours from Tang. Tang is the only resort on all the lakes we fish and is located in the “Ontario Living Legacy (OLL), which is the equivalent of our National Parks, with no future development allowed. Lawrence Lake gets as deep as 300′ and the trophy lake trout are always waiting. Walleye are plentiful, northerns are everywhere and the largemouth bass are a thrill. The smallmouth population is increasing with more and more “smallies” caught every year. Variety is the spice of life, and this Ontario Canada fly in fishing trip offers unsurpassed variety to make your fly in fishing trip exciting and adventurous, no matter how long you stay.

Lake Trout fishing is excellent and an exciting bonus! Try it… even you “walleye guys”, hold on, you’ll love the fight.

Experience the remoteness of a fly-in trip

Wildlife abounds in our area and you will truly experience Canadian wilderness. Miles and miles of untouched forests, hundreds of islands and bays of every size and shape. You’re likely to see bald eagles, loons, deer, moose, large turtles, beaver, otters, fox and maybe even an elusive black bear. Feel like a dip in the lake? Tang is located in a beautiful, sandy bay, which allows the water to actually warm up a bit for a great swim. How about a jump from 10 – 50 feet into 50 feet of water? The cliffs await your bravery.

Pictographs can be seen on various rock faces and all carry a specific meaning. A “log flume”, dating back to the 1930’s, is still intact and offers a beautiful spot to take some fabulous pictures with the water rushing over the logs. The flume was built to “spring” the trees that had been logged over the boulders on their way down to the Rainy River. Check this flume out at the SW corner of Lawrence lake. Many rapids and even a couple water falls can be found with some adventure while you are out chasing that trophy catch.

You have all heard and dreamed of a “Canadian Shore Lunch” out on a small island or on the perfect rock point. Well, at Tang, we will mark some of the nicest shore lunch spots you have ever visited on your map. Easy access and protection from the wind of the day. Flat, with good spots to pull up your boat. And, for the water lovers, even some spots with excellent swimming and “cannonballs”.


Beech 18

More than 9000 twin engine Beech 18’s were produced making this one of the most popular and reliable passenger transport aircraft of all time. Northwest Flying operates two Beech 18’s with seating for 8. Gets you to your destination faster and in style!  The Twin Beech has a payload of 2000 lbs.

DeHavilland Beaver

A real work horse of the north, seats 6 people. Payload 1200lbs C-GEBL has been registered to Northwest Flying Inc. of Nestor Falls,ONT since 1980. In 1987, the Canadian Engineering Centennial Board named the DHC-2 one of the top ten Canadian engineering achievements of the 20th century.

Cessna 180

The Cessna 180 is good for smaller loads, seats 3 people. Payload 630lbs. It was produced between 1953 and 1981.


Tang offers 2019 Model year Lund SSV 14′, ( 2-person fishing) and 16′, (3-personj fishing) fabulous boats for a comfortable day on the lakes.  Your boat will have a 9.9 (14′) or 15 HP (16′) Yamaha 4-stroke, quiet motor.  All boats have flat floors, swivel padded seats with backrest, life jackets, paddle, minnow buckets, anchor and winch for use on portage lakes.


Call or email any questions and to book your Ontario fly-in fishing trip today!

Thanks for visiting our website and we look forward to meeting you at Tang of the North Lodge.