"Typical" Tang Day

A "Typical" Tang Day

Your day begins with a hearty, home-cooked, hot breakfast served at 7:00 AM. You’ll smell the coffee brewing and the fresh bread baking in the oven. You’ll hear the breakfast bell ringing and all is ready for you to enjoy. Your breakfast might include eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, or pancakes, hot syrup and ham, or french toast, hot syrup, powdered sugar, fruit and sausage. We try to mix it up for you. Coffee, and of course, Tang, are served each morning also.

Before you leave the lodge after breakfast, restock your shore lunch kit from our grocery shelves. Potatoes, baked beans and vegetables are a few of your choices. Oil, fish batter, salt & pepper, butter, utensils, plates, fire starters, pots & pans, grill and water-proof container are all included with your package.

As you are enjoying breakfast, your boats are being fueled. Get some of your bait from the storage tanks/fridges, and away you go. We’ll have you fishing by 7:30 AM. We have great maps for your trip. We have all fished Tang for many. many years, as have most of the guests. Ask any of us for a few “hot spots” and we’ll be happy to help out.

Off you go…..Go around the corner for some walleye, troll down the lake for some lake trout, pull into a bay and cast for some northern and end up in one of the many areas for some 4-6 lb. largemouth bass.

After a few hours of fabulous action, pull up to an island or a flat, rock point somewhere and enjoy that fabulous shore lunch with some fresh walleye. Build a fire or use one of our Coleman stoves. Sit back, relax, enjoy a beverage and chow down as you hear the loons and watch the gulls and eagles get ready to “clean up”.

After a great day on the lakes and tired arms, its time to head back to Tang. Now the fun really begins. Everyone is beginning to stage “bragging rights” as the gas barbecues are lit and all the groups are preparing an excellent dinner for themselves. Sit outside on one of the many picnic tables or enjoy the dining room in the lodge. Put your dishes in the dishwasher, clean up and decide, “now what”? Back out for some more fishing (it’s light until about 10:00 PM during our season at Tang) or time to sit back and wait for the nightly bonfire? Tough decisions.

At Tang of the North Lodge you can get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and experience true Canadian wilderness. We invite you to relax on our beautiful sand beach, nestled between a forest of giant white pine trees. At the end of the day gather around the famous Tang bonfire and talk fishing with great people who have now become your friends. Watch the sun set while loons whistle across the water with their entrancing call and “call it a day” whenever you’re ready. See you at breakfast!